About the Refined Story

Joel MagalnickBack in 2015 I had a vision. As a longtime journalist and digital strategist, I knew I could make businesses—small ones in particular—better by teaching them how to tell their story. Long before anyone had heard the terms Content Strategy, I was constantly looking for ways my publications could provide the glue to bond together how we tell stories in the context of the stories themselves. By bringing the thoughtful practice of User Experience Design into the mix, The Refined Story was born. Now, instead of making newspapers, I make magic.

— Joel Magalnick, Principal and Founder, The Refined Story

Let’s take a look at some of our clients over the past few years. You may notice a theme: many of them perform a social benefit, either as nonprofits or as experts who help their own clients become better at whatever they do.

Microsoft logo

The Refined Story has scripted and directed multiple podcast series, including Gov Pod and NextGen Health, which both focus on how industry is embracing AI and machine learning. We’ve also led content development for multiple company-attended events and worked with subject matter experts to Elevate Their Pitch.


As a co-founding partner of this company that offered educational opportunities in virtual reality, The Refined Story provided marketing, user testing, and content services as they prepare to launch.

Eddie Bauer

While this well-known outdoor apparel company may be a century old, its internal systems are not. The Refined Story worked with the human resources department to improve the user experience of an internal wellness tool as well as a reorganization of its employee resources site.


This company that helps companies improve their sales pipeline needed a content audit to weed out more than a decade’s worth of outdated content and an information architecture to move the target market from the sales force to the decision makers.