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How may I assist you?
Shasha W11:41:47 a.m.
According to the website when I made my reservations (reservation #N526GS), a standard bag would cost $27.50, but I was charged $38.85. Why was I overcharged?
Anonymous11:42:21 a.m.
Thanks for uploading Screenshot_2023-05-20_at_7.12.21_PM.png.
Amelia11:42:21 a.m.
I see
The checked bag can start from 27.50 but based on the route it can be more
The system calculates it for us
Shasha W11:43:25 a.m.
And how would me as a customer be aware of that? There was no pricing shown until I actually made the purchase
Anonymous11:43:35 a.m.
That’s how the system is. You would need to select the route then do the booking and add the checked bag after
Let me look at your booking
Shasha W11:45:15 a.m.
Right, but there’s no transparency. When I saw the $27.50 I was expecting to pay $27.50, not $10 more
Anonymous11:45:16 a.m.
The screenshot that you shared with me said from 27.50
That means starting from 27.50
Shasha W11:46:08 a.m.
Sure, but my expectation from flying on many, many, many airlines is that there is one price for the type of bag
I can expect to pay more for oversize or a bike or skis
So why would the same bag cost different depending upon where I’m going?
This price appeared when the system knew where I was flying
Anonymous11:47:22 a.m.
The bag fee for a specific route is programmed into the system. The cheaper rate is when you add the bag during the booking and in the call center is higher and the highest is at the airport
Shasha W11:48:34 a.m.
Right. I added the bag while I was booking. That would make it the cheapest, which is $27.50. So again, why was I overcharged?
Anonymous11:49:00 a.m.
The 27.50 is a general cost it is not specific to your route
We have checked bags fee as low as 27.50
It is not related to your route
Shasha W11:49:56 a.m.
Nowhere on the page does it say anything resembling what you’re telling me right now. It is quite simple to program a minimum cost into a specific flight. This is my first experience with Porter and already I feel like I’m a victim of a bait and switch
Please refund me the extra $11
Anonymous11:50:35 a.m.
The minimum cost is what you paid during the booking 
Shasha W11:51:16 a.m.
That would have been $27.50
I paid $38.85
Please refund me the extra $11
Anonymous11:51:47 a.m.
I am unable to refund you the $11.
Shasha W11:52:21 a.m.
Then connect me with somebody who can
Anonymous11:52:57 a.m.
If you are unhappy with the baggage fee I would suggest for to complete a feedback forrm 
Shasha W11:53:08 a.m.
Connect me with somebody who can refund the $11
Anonymous11:53:20 a.m.
Please use this link to complete your request
I am unable to escalate this chat
Shasha W11:54:01 a.m.
Please connect me with your supervisor
Anonymous11:54:04 a.m.
I am unable to transfer you Joel
You are free to  contact our call centre at 1-888-619-8622/416-619-8622 and speak with agent as well. 
They advise the same as well
Shasha W11:57:00 a.m.

Anonymous11:59:19 a.m.
Thanks for the file upload.
Amelia11:59:19 a.m.
Amelia11:59:19 a.m.
I am sorry you feel like you were cheated
The checked bag starts from 27.50
Shasha W12:02:13 p.m.
So charge me that and refund the rest
Anonymous12:03:48 p.m.
One moment pleae
I am speaking with my team on the matter
Please bear with me
I spoke with my superior and the checked bag for your trip is $37 plus taxes.
Hence you paid 38.85
Shasha W12:12:58 p.m.
Great. That was not listed anywhere. There is a complete lack of transparency on what I will be charged through this process
Now that we both know what I paid, reduce that amount to what I expected to pay based on the rate shown on the reservation page and refund me the difference
Anonymous12:14:12 p.m.
$27.50 was not related to your trip. It is just advertising that it start from $27.50 
Shasha W12:14:28 p.m.
So then this becomes a truth in advertising matter?
Anonymous12:14:43 p.m.
The rate on that page said from 27.50
Shasha W12:15:01 p.m.
Especially when the supposed advertising is in a place that doesn’t state it’s an advertisement?
There are federal agencies that like to charge hefty fines for misleading ads
Anonymous12:15:30 p.m.
It didn’t say you were paying $27.50
Shasha W12:15:36 p.m.
Actually, it did. But you’re saying it’s an advertisement and not an actual cost. Where would I need to fly to pay that little?
Anonymous12:16:04 p.m.
I am sorry Joel I an unable to refund the difference.
Shasha W12:16:55 p.m.
I am a not sure of that Joel. This is all programmed into our system 
The 27.50 is excluding taxes
Shasha W12:18:04 p.m.
So then you can refund the difference and include the tax. Whatever is programmed into your system can be updated to reflect what you’re actually intending to charge your customers rather than “advertising”
It helps with our decision making and doesn’t make us feel like we’re being duped. Which is definitely how I feel
$11 seems like a very low cost for customer retention
Anonymous12:20:39 p.m.
Joel, a checked bag fee for your trip is $37 plus taxes. My superior even advise the same. I am unable to refund the difference.
Shasha W12:21:54 p.m.
Then publish the actual prices before we get charged for them. Is that too much to ask for?
Anonymous12:23:17 p.m.
I will pass this on to our marketing team
I will give them your feedback
Shasha W12:24:17 p.m.
I’ve just wasted 50 minutes of my time and feel like I’ve been screwed over. How does that feel for a first experience with a company, especially one that’s trying to push its growth in the already crowded airline market?
The answer is: Not great. And it’s not likely that I’ll look to you again when I need to reserve a flight
Anonymous12:25:51 p.m.
I am so sorry you feel this way
I wish I could do more for you
Shasha W12:27:21 p.m.